We’re glad you’re here.

There’s something we want you to know about us.

We firmly believe yoga is for everyone. Regardless of size, age, or fitness level, everyone can do and benefit from yoga.

We also recognize that no facility can equally meet the needs of every person who wants to practice yoga. Students get better results with teachers who understand their unique needs.

Ours is a studio that focuses on yoga for grownups. We help people who want to live healthier, feel better, and age gracefully. We offer accessible practices for reducing stress and building physical, emotional, and spiritual resiliency.

You’ll never be required to do handstands in our classes, but expect to be physically challenged. You’ll never need to chant ‘om’ (unless you want to), but know that you’ll be guided in mindfulness and breathwork.

No matter what your experience or fitness level may be, we promise to meet you where you are now and move at a pace that ensures you receive the many benefits of yoga — strength, mobility, stress-reduction, and more.

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“Great teachers in a wonderful studio. Lots of classes for all levels. Have been going to BAMBU for over two years and have loved every minute. “

Deb M

“I’ve been at Bambu now for about two years… there’s a reason for it… This studio is extremely welcoming, the community is amazing, and the instructors are the best I’ve encountered. If you’re looking for a studio that understands you’re human, where judgments are left outside and are in need of becoming apart of something … Continue reading Jenna


“Awesome group of instructors I would encourage all beginners to join. Well trained instructors will make you feel very comfortable.”

Joe, Hamilton

“I just celebrated four years of yoga at Bambu. This studio and the teachers there have changed my life in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am grateful to be there! I have tried other studios and there is nothing like it anywhere in the area.”


“I have been a member of Bambu Yoga for four years. It is a top-notch studio with awesome teachers, a great selection of classes and special events and workshops throughout the year. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. New student or seasoned yogi there is always lots of encouragement and support. Hands-down the best yoga … Continue reading Robin


Thankfully I found my Yoga home at BAMBU.  Every instructor brings something a little different and a lot special to every session.

Sue, Lawrenceville Township