Welcome Beginner Yoga Student!

Come as you are!  No matter what your experience or fitness level may be, we promise to meet you where you are now and move at a pace that ensures you receive the many benefits of yoga — strength, mobility, stress-reduction, and more.

At BAMBU we specialize in beginners. We offer two types of programs for beginner students. Like our New Student Intro Offer, both beginner programs provide a short term unlimited class pass that provides time to try various classes as well as specialized, individualized instruction to ensure new students feel prepared for starting yoga.

The two beginner programs we offer are:

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an integrative approach to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The experience of Yoga is highly individualized.

As an embodied practice, students may experience increased strength, flexibility, and mobility. Reduced stress, a sense of inner calm, and greater connection to purpose are cited as a result of consistent long-term practice.

The physical practice (Hatha Yoga) is one element and the most well-known. Other aspects of Yoga include breathwork, meditation, and philosophy.

Although it’s been around for more than 5,000 years, Yoga has continually been refined and adapted to the cultures and the times of its practitioners. Today it is highly valued for its comprehensive support of the whole being.

It is through our own lived experiences with Yoga that we believe:

  • we all have the capacity to increase our state of wellbeing and happiness;
  • what students learn on the mat profoundly affects their lives off the mat;
  • what is given attention will grow; and
  • education and self-discovery are catalysts to change.

What do I need to know before coming to class?

  • Bring a yoga mat for comfort and safety. (If you need to purchase one, be sure to choose a mat designed for yoga, sometimes called a ‘sticky mat.) You may also borrow one of our studio mats if available.
  • Arrive early.  Allow yourself a few minutes before class begins so you can take care of signing in, setting up your mat, and getting settled in your space.
  • Avoid heavy meals two hours before class.  Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If this is difficult or you find yourself lightheaded during class, then try some fruit juice or a light snack.
  • Be sure to hydrate beforehand and, if you like, bring a bottle of water to replenish after class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing in fabrics that allow you to move and wick away moisture.
  • Yoga is practiced in bare feet and shoes should be removed before entering the studio.
  • Notify your instructor if you have any pains, aches or health concerns.  If you do have a medical condition, be sure that your doctor has cleared you for yoga practice.