Let’s Savor Our Successes in 2015

Each and every day students and teachers achieve milestones in their yoga practice. From finding stillness in savasana for the first time to coming into handstand in the middle of the room, there are always new achievements to be grateful for and to celebrate.

Moments like these easily get lost as we focus on the next ‘big’ thing we want to do. But when we make the effort to enjoy the things we did get done, we keep our energies in a state of celebration and that energy fuels us to do more.

So anytime you experience a ‘win’ or a ‘shift’ in your practice, we invite you to mark these landmarks along your yoga journey in our Community Celebration Jar. To record those experiences, victories, and observations, simply jot a note on one of the colored paper squares in the studio. Date your note and add your name if you like, then place it in the jar.

Each time we look and see the notes filling our jar with all the colors of joy, we’ll be reminded of how far we’ve come together! We’ll then commemorate our journey and acknowledge these beautiful memories at celebratory events throughout the year.