Flexible BAMBU Memberships

The more you practice, the better you feel! Our flexible auto-pay membership options offer our best per-class pricing for those who commit to an ongoing practice at any level. Join the BAMBU community of members by selecting the plan that works best for you.

  • Ideal for students attending 1x per week
  • Discounts on events and workshops
  • Additional classes $14 each
  • $19 enrollment fee

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  • Ideal for students attending 2x per week
  • Discounts on events and workshops
  • Additional classes $11 each
  • $19 enrollment fee

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  • Attend as often as you like!
  • Discounts on events
  • Save 10% on private lessons
  • 1 Guest pass to use during current month
  • $19 enrollment fee

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*Membership requires credit card authorization for auto-payment every 30 days.  Cancel/change tiers with written notice 2 weeks prior to next billing cycle. Classes must be used within current month and do not roll over.

Not ready for a commitment? No worries, we offer the following a la carte options:

Purchase class passes here. 

Intro Offer

3 Live Stream Classes for $30
Discover how easy it is to take live classes with a BAMBU instructor right in the privacy of your home.  Requires a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access live stream classes.
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Flexible Membership FAQs

Please email us at bambuyogamembership@gmail.com with any Member-related questions or issues.

Is there a commitment to sign up for a Flexible Membership?
No, there is no monthly minimum commitment for our Flexible Memberships.

Are Flexible Memberships on auto-renew?
Yes, all memberships will automatically renew monthly until you tell us otherwise! You are able to terminate your membership with two weeks notice by sending us an email.

Am I able to change my monthly membership commitment level?
Yes, you can if you have a Flexible Membership. You may change your Flexible Membership level only at the beginning of the next monthly cycle with 2 weeks written notice.  There is no extra charge to change your membership other than the price difference between the two plans. To change your level, send us an email.

Can I change my Flexible Membership to a different tier for just one month?
Yes the membership level can be changed according to your needs and according to the guidelines above.

How far in advance do I need to notify you to cancel my Flexible Membership?
You may send us an email a minimum of two weeks prior to the next billing cycle.  This will ensure that we have a record of your requesting the termination and you will receive a confirmation after we have canceled the auto-pay.

If I’m unable to use all my classes during the month can I roll them over to the next month?
No. All unused classes expire at the end of the monthly billing cycle and do not roll over.

Can I share my membership?
Memberships cannot be shared. They can, however, be gifted to another student. Email notification required.

I have a monthly unlimited membership at a different price, which price do I pay for the unlimited now?
If you are currently enrolled in the Monthly Membership-Extended your membership will continue as is until you choose to cancel or change membership levels. If at any time you would like to change your membership to one of the tiered membership levels, we will waive the enrollment fee.

Am I able to put my membership on hold?
There is no longer the option to put your membership on hold, however you can cancel a Flexible Membership at any time and re-sign up when you return.  There is an enrollment fee for any new or lapsed membership sign up.

What is the reinstatement fee?
While you can cancel your membership at any time, there will be a cost of $19 to re-enroll  in the Flexible Membership program.

I don’t want to have a recurring charge. What are my options?
The intention behind our membership pricing is to make frequent practice as financially accessible as possible.  This is why our membership pricing is as low as it is and why we ask for your commitment.  If this does not suit your needs, you can purchase a single class, 5 class pass, or 10 class pass.