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Take every class on our schedule. Meet our instructors. Make new friends. There’s no pressure, no contracts, no risk. Just a lot of great yoga for a great price!

It takes time to know if you found the perfect yoga studio to nurture your practice. That’s why we offer a one-time trial price to every new student:  3 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $30*

Ready to try us out?  Register and pay here! We accept credit/debit cards, checks and cash. When you pay online your three weeks begins on the date of your first visit.

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Tips for First Time Students

  • Bring a yoga mat for comfort and safety. (If you need to purchase one, be sure to choose a mat designed for yoga, sometimes called a ‘sticky mat.) You may also borrow one of our studio mats if available.
  • Arrive early.  Allow yourself a few minutes before class begins so you can take care of signing in, setting up your mat, and getting settled in your space.
  • Avoid heavy meals two hours before class.  Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If this is difficult or you find yourself lightheaded during class, then try some fruit juice or a light snack.
  • Be sure to hydrate beforehand and, if you like, bring a bottle of water to replenish after class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing in fabrics that allow you to move and wick away moisture.
  • Yoga is practiced in bare feet and shoes should be removed before entering the studio.
  • Notify your instructor if you have any pains, aches or health concerns.  If you do have a medical condition, be sure that your doctor has cleared you for yoga practice.

*Intro price subject to change.

Studio Policies