Studio Gift Cards

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Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Treat them to a BAMBU YOGA Gift Card. Gift cards may be used for:

  • An Intro Package (new students)
  • Workshops 
  • Specialty Classes
  • Beginner Yoga Series
  • Private lessons
  • Yoga mats
  • Class passes
  • And more!

Gift cards are available in any denomination.  Email the studio and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the perfect gift card amount for your loved one.

Receive a FREE branded stainless steel sports bottle with every gift card purchase of $50 or more.*

*While supplies last.


We’re counting down our top gift-giving ideas for the yogis and aspiring yogis in your life.

#1 Free Gift with Purchase! Receive a stainless water bottle with every gift card purchase of $75 or more while supplies last.

#2 Give a Beginner A Save Haven to Learn Yoga! When you give a BAMBU GIFT CARD for a loved one to enroll in the Yoga for Absolute Beginner program, you’re giving more than a month of yoga study and individualized instruction. You’re gifting them the encouragement and support to overcome the fears, concerns, and insecurities that can prevent a beginner from ever trying yoga and, therefore, receiving its many benefits. You’re giving them the foundation and tools to live healthier, feel better, and age gracefully. Suggested gift card amount: $90.

#3 Lavish a Loved One with a Gift of Respite and Rejuvenation. Is there someone on your gift list you want to pamper? A BAMBU GIFT CARD for a Restorative Yoga class or workshop is the ultimate gift of care and nurturing. Restorative practices reduce stress, promote healing, and leave one feeling calm, at ease, and blissful.  Suggested gift card amount: $40

#4 Give a Yogi Some One-on-one Attention. Ideal for a yoga student with some experience, a BAMBU Gift Card for private instruction is sure to be an unexpected delight. This gives your loved one an opportunity to spend 60 minutes with a yoga teacher solely focused on them. Private instruction is ideal for honing specific skills, addressing health or mobility concerns, and more. Personalized guidance helps students advance their yoga practice. Suggested gift card amount: $75.00

#5 Give an Intro to the BAMBU Yoga Studio. A BAMBU GIFT CARD of $30 can give someone who is new to the studio a chance to experience as many classes as they like for three weeks. They can meet all our teachers, try all our classes and decide if the studio is a good fit for their schedule and their practice.  Suggested gift card amount: $30

#6  Give a Beginner Our Most Flexible Intro to Yoga Plan With a gift card for our Start Yoga NOW program, your loved one will get a one-on-one, personalized introductory lesson that includes: individualized goal-setting, class recommendations, tailored modifications, and a customized practice plan. They’ll also receive a complimentary studio mat and three weeks of unlimited classes. Suggested gift card amount: $89

#7 Gift Them A Better Yoga Mat! Our hands-down favorite yoga mat is the Hugger Mugger Para Rubber mat and it’s the only brand name mat we sell in the studio. Made of all-natural rubber, it’s grippy, it’s cushy (1/4″ thick!) and it’s an investment that lasts. We believe everyone deserves one. That’s why we offer them at the lowest price around. If the yogi in your life is not likely to splurge on a best-in-class yoga mat on their own, here’s where you can help! Suggested gift card amount: $75 ( 70″ x 24″ ) or $90 (XL – 78”x 28”).

#8 Help Them Grow In Their Practice The study of yoga is vast. Whether it’s attuning to the subtleties of the physical poses or embracing the more contemplative aspects of yoga, there is so much to explore beyond the weekly classes. A BAMBU Gift Card for workshops and specialty offerings provides the yogi in your life an opportunity to deepen and expand their understanding of yoga, and therefore expand their awareness of their true self. This gift of knowledge can have a profound and lasting effect. It’s transformative. Suggested gift card amount: $35-$50

#9 Give the Gift of Transformation What someone learns while on their yoga mat is more than ways to align and move the body. What they experience is more than the impact of their breath and a quiet mind. The beauty of yoga is that every class type, from the more physically vigorous to the most gentle, provides opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow. A BAMBU Gift Card is perfect for that person on your list who has been looking for guidance in making a change and personal growth. Suggested gift card amount: any amount

#10 Give the Gift of Healing BAMBU helps those with physical and emotional aches and pains heal through Yoga. Students gain strength and flexibility and reduce stress levels so they can remain active and vibrant as they age. Give someone you love a BAMBU Gift Card and get them on the path to healthier living. Suggested gift card amount: any amount

#11 Give the Gift of Mindfulness and Connection Along with the physical postures and movement, BAMBU YOGA classes provide practices in meditation and exploring deeper levels of consciousness. Our students enjoy the benefits of increased concentration and connection to their inner wisdom through these contemplative techniques. This can have a lasting impact on the ways in which they show up and move in the world. Suggested gift card amount: any amount

#12 Give the Gift of Community When you give someone a BAMBU GIFT CARD, you’re giving them a warm welcome into a tribe of practitioners who come together to Breathe, Awaken, Move, Balance, and Unite in Yoga. You’re giving them a friendly space to learn skills to move their body with strength and ease, reduce stress, and age with vibrancy. Suggested gift card amount: any amount