Core Strength Vinyasa 6-Part Immersion & Teacher Training

This 6-part immersion is for students and teachers who are ready to move beyond a one-size fits all approach to asana practice and learn how to use the Core Principles and Core Practices of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga to:

  • come into optimum alignment in every pose, every time;
  • move through a yoga practice in the most efficient way based on anatomy and bio-mechanics; and
  • experience vinyasa-style yoga with a fresh new perspective.

Maria De Noda is a 500-hour Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) Master Teacher who has trained under its creator, Sadie Nardini, for many years. She will empower you with the CSV method so you can achieve maximum results and safely maintain your yoga practice for a lifetime.

Maria will break down common yoga poses using the latest developments in anatomy and biomechanics and shares new techniques to build each posture in the safest and most accurate way. Series consists of five three hour workshops and a two-hour CSV Yoga master class.

Choose full series or individual workshops. Certified Yoga Teachers can earn up to 17 CE hours for full series.

CSV1 – Reinventing Your Practice: New Anatomy and Physics
Saturday March 4, 1:00-4:00 pm

  • Discover how the newest understanding of anatomy and biomechanics can revolutionize the untitled-design-12way you practice.
  • Learn to let go of beliefs about what common yoga poses “should” look like and how to adapt those poses to fit your own body.
  • Practice new techniques for finding your way to best alignment in any pose.

CSV2 – Flowing More Effectively: Core Strength Sun Salutations
Saturday, March 11, 1:00-4:00 pm

  • Learn about the 7 Core Cues and how to use them in every pose, every time, to move into alignment from the ground up.
  • Discover why it’s too late to “fix” a pose once you’re in it and how to avoid the need to do so.
  • Explore the distinctly different CSV sun salutation.

CSV3 – The Space Between: Yoga Transitions
Saturday, March 18, 1:00-4:00 pm

  • Learn to move in “waves” and stay out of linear extension to create a more organic feel for the entire body.
  • Prevent common injuries as you move safely from pose to pose with less hanging in the joints.
  • Experience greater fluidity in moving from one pose to the next.

CSV4 – Bend Without Breaking: New Approach to Bending
Saturday, March 25, 1:00-4:00 pm

  • Discover how and why bending can cause pain.
  • Learn how to avoid firing the wrong muscles and jamming into your low back.
  • Gain freedom in your spine to safely go deeper.

CSV5 – Building Better Sequences
Saturday, April 1, 1:00-4:00 pm

  • Learn to build fun and creative sequences using Core Strength Vinyasa principles.
  • Ideal for teachers looking for creative sequencing strategies.
  • Appropriate for students who want to deepen their understanding an effective practice.
CSV6 – Putting it all Together: Master Class
Saturday, April 8, 1:00-3:00 pm
  • Experience everything learned throughout the immersion in a full two-hour session
  • Move in ways that are a departure from patterns found in traditional yoga classes.
  • Experience a fresh perspective to vinyasa yoga.

Investment: Full Series – $190 | Single Workshop – $40 | 3+ Workshops – $35 per session
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Accessible to students of all levels.

Maria De Noda |E-RYT, YACEP, Core Strength Vinyasa Master Trainer

Find your power and voice both on and off the mat with Maria De Noda. Maria is a dynamic and transformative yoga teacher who takes a no-nonsense approach to flow and anatomy to bring you to the next level in your practice and life. She offers classes and workshops across the country and online to bring you new and empowering ways to find a healthier, happier and stronger you.  Maria is a 500-hour Core Strength Vinyasa Master Teacher who has studied under the guidance of Sadie Nardini for many years.