Class Descriptions

Our core classes are divided into two categories: BAMBU SHOOTS, our vinyasa-based classes , and BAMBU ROOTS, our restorative/yin based classes. 

BAMBU SHOOTS is the mainstay of our offerings, This is your every day practice of meditation in movement offered in three intensities.

S1 Gentle  A nurturing flow class featuring modified transitions and alternate pose options.

S2 Flow  A balanced mix of energizing and calming poses and transitions offered at an intensity and pace accessible to most students.

S3 Power  An amped up, high-energy vinyasa flow class that challenges and strengthens as it helps to burn toxins, tensions, and negativity.

BAMBU ROOTS will take you deeper inside yourself. We offer three variations including two that start with a flowing sequence to prepare the body before moving into stillness.

R1 Restore  Blankets, bolsters, straps, and blocks are used to totally support the body, allowing the muscles to fully relax, the brain to quiet, and the spirit to experience peace and restoration .

R2 Restore Mix  This slow flow and restorative sequence will lull you into deep relaxation. Expect gentle stretching and supported poses held for longer periods. Grounding and serene, this class will leave you feeling peaceful and renewed.

R3 Restore Fusion  For those who like to shake it up before slowing down, we start this 90 minute class by heating the body with a fiery flowing sequence. Then we transition to long held yin and restorative poses to help the body unwind into stillness and bliss.

Specialty Classes


BAMBU Basics  Designed for those who are new to yoga, this 60 minute class will help you build the foundation for your practice. (Beginners.)

BAMBU Blooming Asana A deep dive exploration into a specific asana or group of asanas. All Levels.

JourneyDance™ is about revealing, recovering and rediscovering your natural intuitive movement using improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and shamanism to a soundtrack of inspiring world, classical, pop and house music.

Yin  Bring the body into balance by focusing on the connective tissues along with the energetic systems of the body. Primarily seated and reclined poses held in stillness for 3-5 minutes.