BAMBU BINGO – February Challenge

Strength is our winter theme and there is no better way to strengthen body, mind, and spirit than to consistently make time to be on your mat. To help get over any mid-winter barriers that prevent class attendance, we’re introducing a studio-wide challenge for February: BAMBU BINGO.

Winners of Water Bottle and Magnet:

  • Bette Collins
  • Debbie Meagher

Winners of Essential Oil and Magnet:

  • Karen Carlson
  • Tina Esposito
  • Rose Facciolo
  • Sue Kirkland
  • Laura Kowalczyk
  • Meredith Lavery
  • Robin Smith

Stay tuned for the final prize winner! We’ll pick one name from among the qualifying players for prize drawing during an upcoming Facebook Live broadcast!

From February 1-February 28, complete your official BAMBU BINGO card to earn prizes! Here’s how it works:

  • Check in with the teacher to claim your square. The teacher will stamp the box and initial.
  • Only one square per day can be claimed.
  • Bonus squares – choose one or more bonus items to perform as you like; each one may be used to substitute any square in the card!
  • Verification: Attendance records will be used to verify in-studio actions. Online screenshots will verify social activities. At-Home activities are by the honor system.

See detailed rules below.

Rules of Play

  • Sign up to get your card! request your card in the studio or using our online form.
  • Only current BAMBU students with active memberships or class passes are eligible to participate and earn prizes.
  • Official Bambu Bingo Challenge cards will be kept in the studio. You’re welcome to keep a copy of the card at home for reference. Please know that any completed squares must be recorded on your official bingo card (held at the studio) to count towards prizes. 
  • Challenge period is February 1- February 28. The actions required to earn any square on your card must be completed during this time period.
  • Teachers and front desk staff will cover the squares on official cards. Check in with them before or after class to claim your completed squares.
  • Verification: Attendance records will be used to verify class attendance requirements.  Online screenshots will verify social activities. At-home activities are by the honor system. 
  • Bonus spots – complete an action on any bonus square and use it as a substitute for any square on the card. Use as many bonus spots as you like.
  • Participants will receive credit for no more than one (1) square per day of the Bambu Bingo Challenge.   (For example: As of February 5, you may have no more than five (5) squares marked off on your card; on February 16, you may have no more than 16 squares marked.)
  • Management has final authority over verification of any earned squares and reserves the right to modify the rules of the Bambu Bingo Challenge as deemed necessary.