absolute beginners: intro to yoga immersion

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Learn the fundamentals of yoga, from proper breathing to optimum alignment with our unique yoga immersion. You’ll attend 5 semi-private tailored lessons with instructors who will show you how to build a yoga practice tailored to your individual needs along with 30 days of unlimited classes.

The word “vinyasa” refers to the union of breath and movement. It is the basis of the style of yoga that we practice in our gentle, flow, and power classes. In the Absolute Beginners Immersion, you’ll learn the fundamental asanas (postures) practiced in vinyasa classes as we break them down step-by-step and show how to link them with breath. We show you when and how to use yoga props.  We teach you how to support yourself safely in the poses and use modifications as needed.  We introduce you to pranayama (breath work) and yoga philosophies. You will leave this series with a working knowledge of vinyasa yoga that will enable you to step onto your mat with ease and confidence.

Immersion includes:

  • 5 semi-private lessons following a flexible curriculum that progressively leads students through an exploration of the fundamental postures
  • 30 days of unlimited classes to practice new skills 
  • $15 studio retail credit for the purchase of a yoga mat

“I am so happy that I discovered BAMBU Yoga in January 2015… my sister kept urging me to take the Absolute Beginner’s class. I was afraid and didn’t think I could do yoga. Not only can I do it, I discovered that I love it. I love the physical changes and awareness that it brings as well as the sense of calmness and self-acceptance. The atmosphere and instructors at BAMBU are a very large part of that. The studio is a very warm and welcoming space.” ~ Robin, Lawrenceville

In this program you will:

  • Learn the foundational poses and basic breathing techniques
  • Strengthen and tone your body
  • Improve your flexibility and range of motion
  • Discover ways to decrease stress and anxiety
  • Receive recommendations for when and how to modify poses to meet your needs
  • Be prepared to enter a basic or all-level vinyasa (Flow) yoga class

At BAMBU, we believe that yoga is for every body and with the vast array of yoga styles and levels it’s important to choose the types of classes that are right for you. If you are considering this course and have any physical limitations, health issues or other concerns, please contact the studio for a consultation.

Class size is limited.

Value of offer: $224 for 5 semi-private workshops, 30 days of unlimited classes, and mat credit

Fee: $90  Sign up now!