Welcome to BAMBU

Come as you are! We’re ready to meet you with a diverse schedule of classes designed to match your personal goals and unique strengths. Feel at home in our fully equipped yet intimate studio where you’ll find teachers ready to engage and inspire you. Our small-sized classes offer the individualized attention and all the props you will need for a comfortable and safe practice.

The BAMBU team is committed to helping students uncover their own greatness and blossom. It is through our own experiences with yoga that we believe:

  • we all have the capacity to increase our state of wellbeing and happiness;
  • what students learn on the mat profoundly effects their lives off the mat;
  • what is given attention will grow; and
  • education and self-discovery are catalysts to change.

No matter what type of class you take at BAMBU, you will find our teachings infused with the principles scientifically proven to cultivate wellbeing and flourishing. Our name reflects this focus:

  • Breath: Through training and practice, learn to harness the power of breath to reduce stress, calm the mind, and fuel the body.
  • Awakened awareness: Discover how to turn banal busyness into purposeful experiences as you learn to cultivate mindfulness.
  • Movement: Our primarily vinyasa (flow) style classes will have you moving into optimally aligned postures (using modifications as needed) to promote the highest benefits of the physical practice.
  • Balance: With steadiness-building poses and sequences that strengthen and soften, balance is both a skill to learn and a feature of every class.
  • Uplifting unity: We take a whole-being approach and offer the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional nourishment to inspire joyful living.

Join us for a class to see how happiness grows at BAMBU! Sign up now to receive emailed information about our offerings.

Take a sneak peek at our studio.