Empowerment Through Yoga Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

For women, who make up 72% of yoga practitioners in the U.S., yoga has been lauded for its ability to cultivate self-love, confidence, and inner peace as well as strength, courage, and vitality. Yoga has fueled many heroine journeys.  

For BAMBU’s Kim Winnick, pranayama (yogic breath) gave her the power to overcome debilitating anxiety. Yoga taught Tracy Tushar that she didn’t need to “earn” the peace and quiet she craved, empowering her to prioritize her needs.

March 8 is International Women’s Day and in honor of our students – most of whom are women – we want to celebrate you and your stories of Empowerment Through Yoga. 

Through my practice of yoga, I realize all beings everywhere deserve peace and happiness it does not have to be earned.

~ Tracy Tushar

Has yoga helped you curb anxiety, reduce stress, and discover the joy of being in your body? Maybe it taught you the importance of deep and profound rest. Did it provide tools for you to step into your power and live life on your own terms? Whether it’s resulted in physical strengthening or mental fortitude, changes big or small, your yoga story is unique and worthy of reflection and celebration.

What is your story? How has yoga at BAMBU made a difference in how you live your life? Tell us about it here and we’ll send you a gift.

You can read Kim’s story here.