If 2020 were a yoga class…

In a year upended by a pandemic, navigating the events of 2020 was like being in a perpetual Yoga class, the kind that’s physically hard and emotionally draining yet leaves you forever changed by its powerful life lessons. 2020 demanded that we see things in our world as they are and not just how we wish them to be. It challenged us to balance effort and ease. It required us to practice surrender and acceptance.

It also dispelled some unspoken myths of what’s required to practice Yoga. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas, the shutdown in March stripped Yoga of its commercial trimmings. Without brick-and-mortar studios to house our practice, we soon learned that the magic of Yoga can manifest without straps, bolsters, and blocks. It doesn’t require candles or music or essential oils. Even without a serene practice space, Yoga will transform, support, and meet us wherever we are.

As you show up for your practice in 2021, BAMBU is here to support you. Our skilled and compassionate teachers will help you get right to the heart of what’s needed most in our livestream classes.

We’ll also help you expand your practice with a monthly theme. This month we explore the use of Sankalpa as a tool for clarity and connection with our highest aim. (Sign up for 5 free daily email lessons plus a Yoga Nidra practice here.)

If you’re new to yoga or restarting your practice, consider our four week Absolute Beginner series. We also have a new Weekly Unlimited package that you can get for a limited time for just $21 per week.

If financial constraints are keeping you from your practice, please reach out for support. We’re here to help.

So bring it on 2021, we’re ready for you!

PS – In December we switched our studio software to fitDEGREE and transferred all existing student info. Learn more about the new platform here.

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