Are you finding the strawberries in your life?

Flow In Yoga

The internet was abuzz earlier this week about the death of Zach Sobiech.  Diagnosed with cancer four years ago at the age of 14, Zach amazed his family and friends with the way he lived his life and his unwavering positive outlook. Last year when he learned the cancer had spread, Zach poured his energy into making the most of his last days. He wrote a farewell song called “Clouds” and the music video on YouTube went viral. (Watch Zach’s story below.)

After learning about Zach I thought of Pema Chodron’s tale of a woman being chased by tigers. Finding a cliff she climbs down a vine but sees there are tigers below. Looking back up she sees a mouse is chewing through the vine. Tigers above, tigers below and a pesky rodent destroying the thing to which she clings.  The woman looks around and sees luscious strawberries growing…

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