There’s no place like home.

BAMBU is a virtual studio that you access from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Yoga is a deeply personal practice and our classes allow you to attend right from home and connect with a highly trained teacher and fellow students in real time.

Explore Your Inner Strength, Expand Your Outer Radiance

For those who have spent a lifetime searching for a way to fix themselves, consider this: You’re not broken.
If you feel unwhole or lacking, Yoga teaches that everything you’re searching for is already inside you. 
At BAMBU, you’ll learn ways to curb anxiety, reduce stress, improve mood, and discover joy in your body. You will have the tools to step into the power of your true Self and live life on your own terms.

Take the next step toward living healthier, feeling better, and aging with grace.  Whether you’re looking to stretch and strengthen the body and mind, or sink into deep, blissful rest, we have an experience waiting for you.

3 Classes for $30



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Unless otherwise indicated, classes are offered via Zoom. Click on the class name below for a description.

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Class Schedule

**Denotes classes ideal for beginners.